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About Krabhuis

Krabhuis – Dutch for scratch house – is a cardboard house for your cat. It was designed by three architects from Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Krabhuis combines the feline fascination for cardboard boxes with the need for something to sharpen their nails on while solving the complete lack of beautiful furniture for cats out there.


Your cat wants it

If your cat likes cardboard boxes, Krabhuis will be a hit. Your cat can enter one of the sides that’s left open, sharpen it’s nails on the roof and can relax inside, looking out through the window.


Why did we design this house?


Your furniture deserves it

Looking for a scratch pole for our own cats, we couldn’t find one that would fit well in our interior. And we knew that whatever we buy, our cats would probably only use the box it came in.

So, combining this feline fascination for cardboard boxes with our architectural background,  we came up with Krabhuis, a cardboard house for your cat to hide, to sleep, to play and to scratch his nails on.

Krabhuis was designed like a child would draw a house, complete with window and chimney.

The design consists of 24 layers of duofold cardboard, consisting of 90% recycled material. Krabhuis is completely manufactured in The Netherlands; it is designed in Rotterdam, produced in Arnhem and assembled in Tilburg.

The assembly of Krabhuis takes place at Parcours, a school for special education. There it serves as an arts and crafts project for their students.


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